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Samstag, 29. September 2012

Hot Chocolate Party #3 November 3th 2012

The HCPIII ... Bring your bike !
As you all know here at Kieft en Klok we love vintage bikes !
The idea is to create a big line up of cool bikes during the party.
The goal is to display at least 100 cool customer bikes :)

The bikes can be:
- Old school BMX (GT, Mongoose, Hutch, Redline, Torker, CPX, Raleigh etc. etc.)
- Cruiser (Schwinn, Electra, Hawtorn etc. etc.)
- Kustom build

As long as it's vintage and cool :) All BMX and cruiser bikes have to be pre '90 !

All bike owners have to bring a small bike display standard as well.
We will not provide these. No standard means: No space in the line up ! PLease add an info sheet to your bike. (year, brand,type,specs etc.) That way anyone can see what it exactly is !
We will judge a best BMX, best Cruiser and best Kustom bike :)

We are looking forward to it !
Los hinfahren!

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