fahrwerksoptimierte, leistungsstarke, luftgekühlte Volkswagen

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Gestern in Emsdetten !!!

Ich war gestern in Emsdetten bei den... 

 ...Oldtimerfreunde Emsdetten die zu den Rolling Classics eingeladen hatten. 

Trotz des durchschnittlichen Wetters waren einige nette Autos da.  

Es war Thomas alias Der Pfeifenkaspers da und wir haben schön 
über gepimpte Volksautos gequatscht.  

Viele gute originale VW´s 

Leicht getunt und sehr gut gemacht 

Super 34er 

Wirklich viele gute 911er 

Schönes Gespann 

Blacky Ovali 

Cooler VoPo 

Und natürlich noch einmal Jimmy!
Super schönes Auto vom aircooled-Modellbauprofi Thomas.
Hier bei Antritt seiner Heimreise nach MS. 

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Es ist Wochenende...

...das heißt: Zeit zum chillen, leider bei dem Wetter in der Bude
aber mit ´ner flotten Scheibe auf dem Plattenteller kein Thema.

Oder mal ´ne Runde mit Wauwau gehen.
Ich habe aber keinen... fand das Bild aber gut.

Euch ein schönes Wochenende.

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

18.000 Klickers, Danke Danke Danke

Danke für die Klick Treue!

Nur für Euch - Farrah Fawcett !!!

Extrem sportlich und aircooled!

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

T2D Lowering Guide

Bay Window One Day Lowering:

This is a popular house special and will allow us to lower your bus upto approx 3-4 inches whilst retaining good ride quality and much better handling due the lower centre of gravity.The Basic price is just £395.00 (all around for a non adjustable fixed drop).

Optional extras:

Beam adjusters which will allow future adjustment as opposed to a fixed drop £110.00

T2D Slam Shocks (recommend for the front end) £75.00 per pair.

Low profile front tyres approx £110 per pair (fitted in house)

Wheels: We can complete your buses make-over by supplying and fitting new wheels whilst we're lowering your bus, please email or call with your needs and we'll be happy to quote.

Customers have driven as far as Scotland for this service and always go away very happy with the results. If you are coming a long way Local camping and B+B's are available at good rates, and we are happy to give details of these when booking in.

Bay Window Dropped Spindles with Reverse Facing Balljoints:

Developed by our Friends at Slammed Panel in Holland over 10 years ago, our dropped spindles have stood the test of time are now one of our best selling items. They will lower your bus by 3.5 inches plus a further 1.5 inches gained by using lower profile tyres (which will be required to gain the correct amount of tyre to arch clearance) giving a total drop of around 5inchs.

The ride quality will be as factory but we always recommend uprated shocks to calm things down a bit. If a 5 inch drop is too great, a set of our coilover shocks will bump it back up to about a 4.5 inch drop.

When using dropped spindles on the front end we would recommend adjustable spring plates on the rear which will give you a similar drop, but also allow easy rear wheel removal, as the adjustable springplates hinge downwards when the rear of the vehicle is jacked up.

N.B Our spindles come with new camber nuts, and an adj track rod with 2 new ends.

Parts Required:

T2D Dropped spindles £525.00

Coilovers £85.00 per pair

Adjustable spring plates £245.00 per pair

Rear uprated shocks £85.00 per pair

We offer a full fitting service for the dropped spindle and spring plate package, the drive in drive out price for this (one day) service including all parts and low profile front tyres £1350.00

Ball Joint Narrowed Beam + Dropped Spindles and Adjustable Spring Plates:

Pretty much as above but for those that want the narrowed look. The following prices are for supply only, please call or email for a full quote, if you would like it installing by us or maybe just building up by us so you can literally "plug and play" when the goods arrive.

Parts Required:

Narrowed Beam £495.00

Exchange leaves (narrowed) £75 per pair

Narrowed track rod with new ends £45.00 each

Dropped Spindles £525.00

Coilover shocks £85 per pair

Adjustable spring plates £245 per pair

Uprated rear shocks £85.00

Fitting service from £450.00

Linkpin Bay Window Conversion:

The lowest bays in town, have all got Link pin set ups. The main benefit is that the bottom axle beam sits over an inch higher than that of a Ball joint set up, giving more ground clearance.

This set up again is available in kit form, built up or fitted, the following prices are for supply only in kit form

Narrowed King and Linkpin beam £495.00 (2 or 4 inchs narrower than stock)

Dropped spindles £550 (outright purchase)

Link Pins £75.00

Trailing arms £200 per set

Hardware £22.50

Track rods £90 per pair

Idler Arm £85.00

Slam Shocks £75 per pair.

Adjustable spring plates £245 per pair

Uprated rear shocks £85.00

Fitting from £500 please email or call back for more info.

Body Drop:

Will require a full Link Pin Conversion + a huge amount of cutting and fabrication.. Only for the very brave, stupid or seriously rich..

For more info please call us + 44 (0)1638 743211 or email us info@type2detectives.com

More parts info can be found at www.t2d-shop.com

Hier der Link zum Original:   http://www.type2detectives.org/lowering-guide/